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About Us
A & O Marketing Solutions is an international esports consulting and Social Media Marketing Agency in the USA.

 We are esports advocates, professionals, and fans. We create and increase means of income for Esports organizations via elaborate marketing strategies. We also Consult with Esports Organizations, and Investors in their development & future in esports.
 Our biggest goal and specialty is maximizing profit for esports organizations throughout their lines of merchandise, live streams, prize earnings, sponsors, etc. You can connect with our vast network of Esports activists, organizations, and partners to find more opportunities. Our experts formulate the best possible strategy for your Marketing development through our research & data analysis teams.

This means that we completely customize a strategy for you so that no two programs will ever be the same. We help you on the following points & more not listed:

- designing of an Outreach and marketing strategy
- Statistical Market Research that tracks profit & Growth 
- Social Media Managmement 
- Active marketing
- Esales promotionals and lead generation
- Community Engagement & Brand awareness
-  sponsorship & partnership (Organizations, events...)

Any Questions? Speak with our Team! You can also email us at 

Wonderful Asset to our business from day one 

- Nancy

 Easy to work with and meets your expectations every time

- Eric

They are wonderful & patient...they always give great counsel 

- Racheal


- Donna

They help make everything so clear

- Chris

Case Studies
 ROAS on Average
$ 2.2 Million Prize pool - Summoners Cup
$34.33 Million Prize pool - DOTA 2
7.88 Million Prize pool - Fortnite
Scale, Grow, and Earn with your Esports platform.
our Growth sessions are free
  •  Scale: Through our teams proven statistical strategies, we are able to increase community awareness, involvement & engagement with your esports platform. You'll increase sales on merchandise and convert more leads into purchases on average. 
  • Grow: Our practical methods allow your organization to start developing sales on other platforms as well as various other types of merchandise. You'll also Save time and gain more equity through our sponsorship leads. 
  • Earn: Once you've reached the big stage we don't leave off right there. The fun just begins as we help you increase your earnings through strategical Marketing research that reach a bigger target audience. 
" Getting to the Big stage is not what makes you a champion, but rather how you respond to the pressure."

We are with you every step of the way!

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Once you speak with our team, you will have a new level of confidence knowing what your next steps are in order to create more sales for your Brand
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Generate equity for your Esports 
Earn 2x more profit from sales at High levels, Reach a larger target audience, lock in higher sponsorships, Create more branded merchandise, and become the esports team that everyone talks about
Engage with us in the way that brings the most value to you.
We pride ourselves on giving so much value before anyone ever becomes a client. Our goal at the end of the day is to allow the world to see how great Esports and its community is. We stand by Esports to create a space for anyone who wants to generate success at a high level in this industry 
Basic SMM + Build
 - For the Esports organization looking to create & develop earnings.
we will....
  • Build out your Social Media pages
  • Provide graphic design for posters, website, flyers, etc
  • Generate more Followers & Manage social Media 
  • Run Ads for Esales
Platinum SMM + Exansion
- For the Already running Esports Organization that wants to maximize leads & Earnings.
we will do all of the Build plus...
  • Create Marketing , Plan, & Reports
  •  Build & Analyze performance based case study to convert more leads into sales
  • innovate Customized Ad campaigns to maximize   sales
  •   Track Profitability and scale ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)